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05 May 2013

The Reality of One World Government - It's Not A Theory

Many people are vaguely aware of the so-called One World Government “conspiracy”. While the idea has always been considered a fringe element, more and more people are suspecting that the idea contains some truth. They are correct.

Throughout history there have been men and groups of men who attempted, and sometimes succeeded, in establishing control over large portions of the earth’s population; Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the Romans, the Turks and many more. The desire to rule over one’s fellow man goes to the very essence of mankind

The One World Conspiracy has also been subject to what I call “Absurdity Poison”, a form of the informal Appeal to Ridicule fallacy. Put simply, the OWG idea has been poisoned by absurd extensions. Person A believes there is a movement to create a One World Government, Person B posits that the world is actually being run by a race of super intelligent reptiles. Person C dismisses the entire discussion based on the absurdity of Person B’s position. Person A’s argument, however true, is poisoned by Person B’s absurdity. No rational person wants to be associated with insanity, so they avoid the topic all together. This is a very strong propaganda technique. The best way to hide a truth is tell a greater lie.

There is a concerted, conscious effort to establish a worldwide unified government. But it isn’t being directed by super-intelligent reptiles, or immortal Jewish bankers who have been alive for hundreds of years. As improbable as it seems, the origins of the current quest for one government began with the United States itself.

The United States found itself the most powerful nation after the end of World War Two. Europe was in ruins and the assent of the great Japanese economy had been halted.  People in power in the U.S. at the time, including Cordell Hull, Harry Dexter White and of course Franklin Roosevelt (and later Harry Truman), knew that it was only a matter of time before Europe and the Asian countries regained their economic strength and would challenge America’s newfound power. Russia, although weakened, was also a direct threat to America’s supremacy. These men wanted to seize the opportunity to establish a new paradigm to ensure the U.S. remained in a position of supreme power.

The first step in the consolidation of The U.S.’s power came before the war was even over. In June 1944 the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, better known now as “Bretton Woods” was held. This conference created the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (now the World Bank). In summary, these institutions established the U.S. dollar as the world’s primary currency and allowed the U.S. to enjoy seigniorage and effectively “tax” or more accurately, steal from, the world’s economy. How this works is the subject of another article. The point being made here is this; The U.S took advantage of their brief authoritarian power at the end of WW2 to establish a world system that guaranteed that temporary power would became permanent.

To avoid being seen as just another opportunist country, the U.S. asserted its power through the United Nations, giving the impression that it was a series of world-wide agreements that enshrined The U.S. as the world’s preeminent power.

But they left a gaping hole.

While the U.S was concentrated on firmly taking control of the world’s money supply, in the spirit of “international cooperation” they allowed other countries equal power in the lesser institutions of the U.N.

It was in the “lesser U.N.” that the world’s elite saw their opportunity. In a long series of rulings, agreements and treaties, the sovereignty of all nations has been eroded. In the areas of trade, food, and even firearms, many of the actions of the U.N. are unstoppable by the U.S.

In order to exercise sovereignty over matters such as gun control and food labeling, the U.S. would be required to give up their control of the world’s money supply.

People wonder why the U.S. doesn’t leave the U.N. or ignore their anti-constitutional rulings. The simple reason is the U.S. is beholden to the U.N. because of its economic monopoly. Those in power, including every president since FDR know this. It is one of the reasons they all seem to be cut from the same cloth. They are all constrained by the same paradigm. One could say the U.S. has sold its soul.

In order to keep sovereignty the U.S. would have to give up its dependence on the advantages of seigniorage. The country would have to get its financial affairs in order and keep them that way. But this is unlikely to happen, and soon it will be a moot point. The other countries of the world have already established formidable power through the U.N. and are now working diligently to replace the Dollar. When that happens, the U.S. will be another third world country subject to the whims of the all-powerful elite, enjoying their rule from the halls of the U.N.

Make no mistake. One World government is a reality. There are elitists that believe they should rule over the lesser, common man. We have allowed our government to create the path for them to accomplish that goal.