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15 April 2016

Diagram of Reality



The Regions

The Intersection

The point where the 4 triangles meet represents the here and now. This point moves forward as  a result of the effects of time. The point moves side to side as a result of the effects of energy.

The Past

All possible past events are represented here. All possible paths to the Intersection are included. This area is 2 dimensional in the diagram because Time and Energy have no effect here.

The Impossible

The Impossible regions represent events in space and time that were never possible (below the Intersection) and will never be possible (above the Intersection)

All Possible Futures

This area is the most complex. It is curved in 2 dimensions to account for Entropy and Chaos.

The Centerline

The Intersection (The “here and now”) is moved forward by Time and tends to follow the Centerline (due to the effects of Entropy) towards Chaos.
The best way to understand the diagram is imagine that the Intersection represents you, right now. All of the possible events in your past are represented by the Past triangle. Events that could have been but weren’t are located in the white Past area. Things that could never have occurred are shown by the portion of the two Impossible triangles below the horizontal centerline going through the Intersection. The parts of the Impossible triangles above the horizontal centerline represent events that can never be.
Time moves you forward (Up on the diagram) towards chaos. You must expend energy to move the Intersection away from the Centerline and away from Chaos. Events become increasingly unlikely as you move from the Centeline towards the Impossible. This is shown by the increased shading on either side of the Centerline.
The Future section of the diagram is curved to account for Entropy. Entropy opposes efforts to to move away from the Centerline. In other words, Time and Entropy conspire to move you along to Chaos.
It is important to keep in mind that the diagram is dynamic, constantly moving forward (UP)

The Implications

There truly are things that are impossible. Most people know this instinctively but have never thought much about it. Time prevents us from going backwards to any event, whether the event really happened or just could have happened. Time actually creates the Impossible by constantly erasing the possible. All events below the horizontal centerline, actual, possible and impossible  are forever off limits. 
Events in the Impossible region above the horizontal centerline are also truly impossible. No amount of energy input can get you from the Intersection to a point in the Impossible region because Time is constantly erasing the possibility. You just can’t get there fast enough so to speak.
Energy is the key element. Without the constant input of energy to oppose entropy the Intersection is moved along by time to the chaos point. 
In fact, if not for energy, Reality and Time cease to exist.