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19 December 2013

The Reality of Political Activism

Many of my friends and colleagues are into political activism right wing, left wing, Liberterian, anarcho-capitalism, the entire gamut.
But I have a different view.

The full scale assault on liberty, decency, honor and morality is unbeatable given the apathy of the American public. Dishonorable politicians and immoral corporations are working full time at their evil schemes. Even politically active citizens can't keep up with the constant barrage of attacks, much less the majority who chose to remain willfully ignorant.

I personally believe Americans deserve the horror and tragedy that is only now beginning. We have been blessed with the greatest opportunity in the history of the world to better the condition of all mankind through technological advances, Christian values, and the well though out legal framework inherited from our founding fathers. But we have thrown away the opportunities afforded us in favor of materialism, greed, selfishness, gluttony, idol worship and petty infighting.

I am also convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt the current situation can not be fixed. It will do no good to elect a new congress or president. Naive people believe if we just get involved in the process and elect candidate x, we can set things right. Unfortunately that is a self-delusion. Our Founding Fathers gave us a clear path to preserve the republic. In summary, it is our responsibility to be informed citizens, monitor the actions of our government and vote for candidates that have the interests and well-being of the people in mind. We have capitulated that sacred responsibility. The founders also wrote extensively about the responsibility of throwing off a tyrannical government. But they failed to see that people who allowed a tyrannical government to come into existence would never be brave enough to follow that advise. There are, no doubt, many in the country today that secretly dream of a revolution to set things right again, but it will never happen. It is illegal to even talk of such things - the proof of tyranny. The government, the bureaucracy, and many American have come to believe in the heresy that the government has an inherent right to exist and have abandoned the truth that the government exists only at the will of the people.

It is difficult to come to grips with the fact that the way of life we believe in is rapidly coming to an end. But one can be enslaved, or face the truth and choose to survive.

My advise is to not waste efforts trying to change a system that is beyond redemption. The only hope is to personally survive and help those close to you do the same. Financial well-being is an integral part of survival. The blog Uncommon Sense is dedicated to informing people of what is going on, revealing the lies that are robbing people of their current and future wealth, and enabling people to protect themselves financially from the crimes of those in power.

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