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28 April 2013

The New Effortless "You" - Coutesy of Corporate Earth

Amazon, Facebook, Google and others are the modern day version of snake oil salesmen. They use their vast knowledge of the intimate details of your everyday life to craft pitches for their snake oils.You are being eliminated from the process of deciding what is best for you, if anything. You are told what to buy, what to eat, what to wear, where to get your news, where to get your entertainment and what kind. Is their version of "you" and "your interests" really accurate? Does it even matter? You don't even need to decide any more. One only has to participate in a very basic manner, and a "You" will be created for you.

But you need to pick a group.
You can be an Apple fan, a Microsoft fan, or a Linux fan. You can even bend the rules a little by say, owning an iPhone and a Linux computer. Heck, you can even do a little customizing with skins and such.
But what you can't do, is your own thing totally. You can't reject computers or cell phones or the Internet all together. That means there's something "wrong" with you.
You can associate with any nationality, ethnic group, or sexual persuasion you want. But you can't be alone. That means there's something "wrong" with you.
You can follow Jesus, Mohammad, Freud or Nitzche. But you can't independently question the paradigm. That means there's something "wrong" with you.

In short, you have to fit in a group. But at least it's not as hard as it once was, Big Corporations are defining the groups for you. You don't need to think critically or form your own opinions, or independently research anything. It's all been done for you.

Just pick one.

Oh, and buy something. You need it. Gotta have it. Man has been around for a few thousand years or a few million years; depending on which group you pick, but we can no longer survive without that newest gadget.  When Apple fades into history we will need a new Corporate Father to worship and follow.

Maybe someday it'll get even easier. The future Apple replacements will just buy your kids' loyalties when they are born. Leading corporations could form alliances, say Neo-Apple, (consumer products) Neo-Monsanto(food)  and Neo-Koch.(everything else). Then they could just zap some implanted electrodes or even implant a controller, and bam! - A ready made loyal consumer. Maybe they could even own the DNA in the brain cells to combat any resistance from reluctant parents that remember the old quaint notion of individualism.