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07 November 2012

Would We Be Better Off With the Other Choice?

Now that the Presidential election is over, many of the 43 million that didn’t vote for the winner are disappointed, upset and even angry. Statements overheard include “America is dead” and “This election is a total sham and travesty” There have even been murmurings of rebellion and civil war. No doubt there will be a lot of blame thrown around in the days and weeks to come.

The lesson of the election should be this: The average American citizen would not be better off if the election had gone the other way. There is just not enough difference between the candidates to make a paradigm change. Both parties pick and choose issues and topics they think will help them gain power. Neither start from the premise of “What’s good for the country and the American people”?

Neither party has mentioned the undeclared war on our southern border that has claimed more lives than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. Neither party has outlined a strategy to save the Dollar from destruction. Both parties have gotten away with focusing on niche, divisive issues and cute sound-bites while leaving the difficult choices un-debated.

The fiasco of the Tea Party reveals the folly of trying to rapidly change the party from within. Both parties exist to serve themselves and perpetuate their own relevance. They have been infiltrated, bought and controlled by special and moneyed interests. Neither party is redeemable.

The time is now for the American citizen to focus their efforts on promoting a grassroots third (or even fourth or fifth) party that represents what is best for the country if we want this nation to survive as the greatest in the world.